our roots


Creative Embroidery | Art Before Tradition


La Lune Le Soleil is the result of mixing concepts such as traditional embroidery, innovative design, luxury lifestyle and the appreciation of all things with a story behind them. 


We take inspiration from the French imaginary and heavy influences from the Mediterranean coast, resulting in a contemporary feminine and fun brand that ensures you'll never be unnoticed.


Every aspect of La Lune Le Soleil is thoughtfully designed in Spain



La Lune Le Soleil is a brand that is distinguished by their unconventional use of embroidery.

Keeping hard work, tradition, and the evolution of the early stages of the creation of any art piece in mind we gave the design a fun and innovative twist with inspirational storytelling and the incorporation of machines with freehand embroidery and 3D experimental work.




Silks are our most popular choice when it comes to sourcing materials for our embroidered handbags. From silk taffetta to double and triple satin, we also include jacquards and very unique vintage fabrics as the shooting stars of our collection.

The leather we use is 100% genuine, with all our bags being fully lined.



As we wanted to design something unique that could be used for both a casual and a formal setting, we knew we had to find something special.

95% of our sequins are designed in-house.


sleek silhouettes, 3D embroidery and traditional embroidery that are classy and feminine, always with a pop of color.